About me

For as long as I can remember, my first passion was woodworking. My neighbor was a pattern maker who built ships, watches and more, all in wood. From an early age, I visited his house and started working with small amounts of plywood to build boxes. Over time, I started building furniture and other items.
As I grew up, I developed an interest in slow smoking, and when I turned 16, I bought my first pipe…a Canadian which was made by Brebbia.
I started considering the idea of making pipes, which I saw as the natural fusion of these two passions. In the summer of 2006, during an afternoon smoke with my brother Marco, he asked me, “Would you be able to realize a pipe?”
That question was the spark! I bought a pre-drilled pipe block and tried to build my first pipe. I enjoyed the process so much that I couldn’t imagine not making pipes as part of my life.
Later, I found various Facebook groups and forums, and I began to study the classical forms and creations by pipe makers there. The, Internet gave me a wonderful window into the world of pipes.
Towards the end of 2013, I attended a course with great Bertram Safferling in his Atelier of Egna. From that time forward, I have devoted every free moment I had to pipe making!

Carlo Volpe Pipes
Regardless of the shape, color or finish, what unites my work are the choices of high quality raw materials, and unyielding attention to detail.
I’m in love of the classics; I love English style pipes and therefore a large part of my accomplishments are classic, but sometimes I allow myself to create non-classic pipes when the briar speaks to me.
I only use briar plateau or ebouchon purchased from Mimmo Romeo, Makis Minetos or Manno Briar.
The mouthpieces of my pipes are all hand cut with tenons made from solid, the rods of ebonite or Cumberland, which are produced by SEM or New York Hambuger.


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