Making a pipe

My pipes are made totally handmade. Even the turning is made freehand with the aid of a wood lathe.
It all starts with the choice of the plateau, which polished to see the grain and decide which kind of pipe could be the best for that briar.
Then I squaring the plateau, draw the holes, the general lines and go to the band saw to cut it.
At the metal lathe I started the mouthpiece and at the wood lathe I start turning the shank and to drill the mortise.
I realize the tenon of the mouthpiece from the solid, based on the real dimension of the mortise. At this point I mount the stem on the pipe, and I end up turning the pipe.
With the band saw I cut the surplus of the briar and start to give the shape with a disc sander.
After finishing a first roughing, I work on the mouthpiece and ont the bit using increasingly finer-grained files, paying particular attention to the shape and the thickness of the bit and the depth of the smoke passage.
Set the mouthpiece, I finish the general lines using pads, files and sandpaper. In each step I try to make a sinuous line pipe.
Once the lines are done, I start with the finishing: according to the request or depending to the briar that I used, I decide if I have to make a smooth pipe, sandblasted or go further realizing a Deep Blasted, a particular blasting it extremely highlights the grain of the briar.
The pipe is now almost ready, missing only the punches and a final polishing.